Structured Wiring

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structured-wiring-1Communication is everything today, and sending voice & data round a home in a straight forward manner isn’t as easy as you’d think – unless you adopt a structured approach to the wiring.

Prism Systems structured wiring systems are perfect for today’s technology with the ability to grow as technology evolves. Prism Systems’s use of innovative technology seamlessly blends multiple systems into one. This blending accommodates the convergence of telephone communications, computer and Internet services, audio and video, and other services as they become available.

An innovative series of modules and media interfaces can be set up as either pre-configured essential platforms or more customized enhanced platforms, to manage and distribute voice, data, audio and video in flexible configurations, or typical packages that best suit each homeowner’s individual requirements. These requirements can range from something as simple as cable TV and telephone in several rooms, to a local area network (LAN) for a small office or home-based business. Let us show you what is possible.

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