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With more and more smart mobile electronics playing a central role in our daily lives, we can integrate them seamlessly into the background at home. Prism Systems has the premier solution, making it possible for virtually any appliance or device in your home to intelligently communicate with any other – from locks to lights, doors to drapes – and giving you the ability to control them, no matter where you are.

  • Create the perfect movie ambiance in one touch. Tell your thermostat what to do from wherever you are in the world. Manage multiple music sources in multiple rooms.
  • Get a text message when your teenager comes home. Prism Systems gives you flexible solutions to design the home automation system of your dreams on a very real budget.

Life’s better when everything works together. Let us introduce you to your new dream home, it could be the one you are planning on building or the one you are in now.

Give us a call and we can show you what is possible. Our only limitation is your imagination.

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Home Security Statistics

Facts about Burglary, Property Crimes, and Home Security Alarms 2007 CMHC Crime Statistics:

  • In Canada, a burglary occurs every 3 minutes on average.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day between 6am and 6pm.
  • The average residential burglary victim lost $1,991.

There is no better time than today to protect your residence with a monitored home security alarm system, and there is no more affordable solution than a Prism Systems home security system. Wherever you live, we have a home security alarm solution for you and with our unique, low-price guarantee, you can be confident in your choice. Sign up today for a free residential system, and get our low-price guarantee, a lifetime alarm equipment warranty, free movers program, dedicated support, and award-winning home security monitoring from Prism Systems.

  • In more than a third of all burglaries, the burglar enters the front door (and most of the time does so forcefully).
  • Homes without a monitored security alarm system are 3 times more likely to be burglarized or robbed than those with a monitored home security system.
  • There is sufficient evidence to show that in the past, when the economy has suffered, burglary and property crime has increased in parallel.

Vancouver Based Home Owners

If you own or rent a home in the Vancouver area you are required to have a Vancouver False Alarm Permit issued through the Vancouver Police Department. This is part of the False Alarm Reduction Program and with out the permit the Vancouver Police are not required to respond in the even of an alarm.