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Prism Systems is a leader in promoting energy efficiency within the home environment by providing ways to reduce energy consumption while maximizing comfort. You can minimize the use of electricity and reduce bills with temperature and lighting control based on time of day or occupancy of your home. Lighting control enhances the enjoyment and value of your home, adds security for peace of mind, and contributes to savings on your energy bill.

The Home Lighting Control Alliance says that dimming your lights by 25% saves 20% of the energy used and extends bulb life by 10 times. Prism Systems can automatically set your lights to the desired percentage, saving you money every time a light is turned on.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, artificial lighting consumes almost 15% of a household’s electricity use; consequently, controlling your home lighting can save you money. Dim and control your home lighting by schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation, and more. When connected to a Prism system, lights and thermostats can be controlled locally, or the Internet, or a Smartphone.

The average home spends about $1900 annually on energy bills. Heating and cooling accounts for as much as half of a home’s energy usage (ENERGY STAR). Let us show you how to reduce that bill.

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